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Pizza La Villa is a pizzeria located in Guelph. We pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients and delivering tasty pizzas to our customers.

A wide variety of popular and unique signature pizzas can be found on our menu, including vegan and gluten-free offerings.

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Doug Lowry
I have been coming to this pizza place weekly for about 5 years now and have always recommended it to my friends. It's to the point that they know my name and what I order. I just recently realized that everytime I come in I would be charged a different amount for the exact same order. I didn't think much of it until the past few weeks where the amount would increase by $2 or $3 on the order. I've now come to the realization that one individual has been ripping me off for years. It was only with him that the price was inconsistent. I imagine I've been duped out of hundreds of dollars over the last 5 years. Today I challenged him on the price and he attributed it to a change in the menu. I'm not buying it. I will not be visiting this establishment again and I advise you to do the same.
Jessica Clements
I ordered pizza here for my stag and doe in October ! This was the first time eating here and I am completely hooked ! Going into the restaurant I was blown away by the cleanliness ! I have never seen a pizza place with such a spotless waiting area & kitchen. I will continue to order my pizza here & my wings !! Fantastic food and loaded with toppings. I suggest trying the bbq chicken with the house dip !
Shaffeik Mohammed
my wife and grandchildren order from this pizza store once a week with the grand kids visits us. There pizza is always fresh and the kids love there garlic dip. Customer service is always a great experience for us and the kids ! thank you for the excellent and satisfying pizza and making our grandchildren visit special and delicious always shaffeik and kids
haluk talay
I just moved to Guelph and tried almost all the places and this is definitely my favourite place now. We got Large pizza and wings, pizza crust was so delicious. Their house sauce was also amazing.
Sebastian McLearon
Pizza was alright. Dough was dry. Very light on the sauce and cheese. When I walked in, one of the employees was sitting in the waiting area on his phone. Not professional looking. I also got overcharged. I asked for the $11.99 special, I got charged $17.23 with a 15% tip. $11.99 * 1.13 * 1.15 is $15.58, doesn't add up. Overall experience was not that great. Wouldn't go back. My favourite in Guelph is Victoria’s.